Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Libraries want a bailout too

Net als de banken en bedrijven die in moeilijkheden zijn. Citaat: "Along with the other organizations getting in line in Washington, D.C., to ask for a bailout, such as banks, General Motors and state governments, you can add another group — public libraries. If Congress can’t write the check during the day, lawmakers can leave it in the slot after hours." Het idee erachter is dat bibliotheken een bijdrage leveren aan de gemeenschap die groter is dan wat ze kosten. Gelooft u dit niet? Onderzoeken hebben het uitgewezen: "Investments in libraries often yield high dividends for communities. Studies show economic returns from salaries and wages paid to staff, construction costs, employment services and library purchases. A recent Pennsylvania study points out that for every dollar invested in the public library, the community receives a return of $5.50. A similar report from Florida shows a $6.54 return on investment. " U leest er meer over hier en hier.

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