Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Innovatie en falen horen bij elkaar

Innovatie en falen horen bij elkaar. Tenminste, dat zouden ze moeten doen. We zijn het verband alleen wat uit het oog verloren. Om die relatie weer wat helderder te krijgen en misschien in de toekomst iets minder spastisch te zijn waar het innovatieve projecten betreft neem ik deze posting in zijn geheel over. Ter lering.

"Fail early, fail often
Lucy Bernholz flags an important and awkward issue in her Philanthropy 2173 blog: the essential link between innovation and failure. If we're truly committed to fostering innovation and risk-taking in our organizations' artistic and management efforts, failure should be a key indicator of our attempts to do so.
If you've ever taught someone to ice skate or downhill ski, this indicator is obvious. If you don't fall frequently, you're not trying hard enough. You're stiff and conservative in your motion, unwilling to commit, and therefore more slow to learn.
And yet, where is the expectation and even celebration of failure in the metrics of major foundations, major donors, and board meetings? And where is our strategy, modeled in some industries, to ''fail earlier, fail faster and reallocate the resources from the failures''?
So, at your next staff meeting, raise a coffee mug to a recent project that went horribly wrong. Someone should be congratulated."


Edwin Mijnsbergen said...

Helemaal mee eens :-)

biebblogger said...

Zij slaat de spijker midden op zijn (of haar) kop. Indeed.